I was born by the month of the lion. Which leaves me very ostentatious or show-off. I don't know if its a good thing to have since most of the time I got it all wrong.

Always wanting people to look at me. Sometimes I find it very useful but today I played "The boy who cried wolf".


Why do I always trust my assumptions? 


Flash Bang


Just came back from a shoot and my heart is still raising fast just thinking about it. This is my very first time to shoot the streets at night with flash! You can just imagine how it feels to go straight to your subject who is a perfect stranger then BANG off with the flash. It felt like I'm putting my life on the line by just taking photos. On my second attempt to shoot I got confronted by one foreigner:

F: Why are you taking a photo of me?! What is it for? 
(His face went grumpy)
M: Nothing really. Just for a project and I thought you're and interesting guy. 
(Can't really think of any excuse)
F: What?!
M: I'm sorry for my rudeness
(please don't call the security!)
F: No it's ok! I'm just joking.
(Then smiled and winked at me with a one thumb up)

I smiled back and then hoped that he's really joking.

Lately I've been following Bruce Gilden and Charlie Kirk's works and I'm totally amazed/inspired by their works. They're both photographers who are well known about their unique style which is shooting people on the streets with flash. What I love about their photos is that they both seem to capture the honesty and energy in their photos. 

I like honest photos!
I love honest people!

Can't really say if I'm trying to copy their style. If this style will work for me then I'll make it my own. 


One is all, all is one

Yeah I'm a big fan of  Full Metal Alchemist / Brotherhood series. I know it's just a quote from an anime but it's a good one!

As a person we all should understand that we are just a part of something big (like a masterplan or something), we are a part of a flow and we can't go against it. All we can do is move forward and do the most we can. 

Where am I going with this? 

Frankly, I just want point out that I am a big anime fan. haha.. 


At the end of the day


I love my job! I really do! It's just that there are times when I think that I still don't have what I want. Of course I'm  paid really well, (well not really.. just enough) I do things that makes photography a little more exciting for some. But at the end of the day I still have this inner passion that I want to pursue. 

I want to be more! 


Desk Cat

Work work..! Most of us wants to get away from it and some interesting people I know are just plain workaholic.

I'm a little bit of both, sort of.


Wrong Way

Hi there!

This would be my first post (yay!) for Uphill-Slide. After spending a year of just taking photos with no blog entries, I realized that I really should write about my life as a self proclaimed photographer.

So why Uphill Slide? Uphill Slide is the situation that I am in right now. Where everything that I could think of doing needs a lot of effort to accomplish. It may seem pretty impossible but the only way is up!

For now, let me welcome you to my life's hits and misses.