It's been awhile, a lot of things happened in my life since my last post.

For 4 months I've been through a phase of figuring out who am I and what I wanted to be. And during that phase I realized many things about myself. Like I tend to hold back most of the time and just end up lazing around and do nothing. I realized that I'm all caged up by my insecurities. Always letting other people/circumstances take over my feelings and not fight back... 

Yeah.. It I almost felt like I'm a loser...

After all of that so called "phase", I tried to shake things up (well, gradually since no one can change overnight). I made up a lot of goals for myself and one of them was to move out of my old man's place.

My life was sooo comfortable

So I decided to move out for good, do things independently and never look back. 

And yeah I forgot to mention about reconnecting with my friends.
Without them I can never get out of this uphill slide.

Thank you! 

I will be starting another blog, self publish some zines and hopefully have my very first exhibition.
Thanks again for all your support all this time (if there were any :D )


Are you disappointed that I can't be you
or are you disappointed that I'm trying to be you?  


I've been holding back a lot lately. 


Been hearing a lot of things from Mom.  

You better check your priorities before anything else.


Can't think of anything at the moment. Well, I really want to put up all my thoughts here but every time I want to post something, my brain suddenly becomes blank.

I don't have any confidence in writing at all.  So I'll just keep on shooting photos and hope my photos can say what I can't say. 



Now I'm pissed... 

really trying hard to convince myself they are only putting up a joke on me.