Are you disappointed that I can't be you
or are you disappointed that I'm trying to be you?  


I've been holding back a lot lately. 


Been hearing a lot of things from Mom.  

You better check your priorities before anything else.


Can't think of anything at the moment. Well, I really want to put up all my thoughts here but every time I want to post something, my brain suddenly becomes blank.

I don't have any confidence in writing at all.  So I'll just keep on shooting photos and hope my photos can say what I can't say. 



Now I'm pissed... 

really trying hard to convince myself they are only putting up a joke on me. 


Always the one who's left-out feeling envious... 


So many things to do, so little time...

Probably my main reason


Learn to let go

I just miss my long hair.. that's all... 



Instead of getting angry he/she smiled at me.

Well, I smiled when I took his/her picture. Makes me think if I also have Steve Irwing's charisma on animals. haha.. 


Even the most beautiful days eventually have their sunsets.

 Waiting is wasting

It feels like it's been ages since my last post. What happened? Uhh.. I don't know, it's not that that I'm preoccupied with my day job, can't also say that I'm not inspired or anything. Money? yes maybe... So what is it? I've been trying not to post anything plainly because I don't have any good photos yet(lots of rolls not processed T__T.) to share lately and my thoughts are all mixed up like scrambled eggs. 

Should I keep on shooting? Will I get rich?  Am I doing the right thing? 

And then I realized that wasted a lot of time thinking/contemplating and wasted a lot of days that I should be going out and doing the thing that I love most. 

Taking Photos

So, I'M BACK! : D


Should I stop the bus now or should I just wait for it to stop?


Still not satisfied

Well, I'm only human so I think its normal to be unsatisfied at times. Maybe tomorrow I'll be...


Are we keeping ourselves busy from being bothered by others?
Tokwa't Baboy

It feels so good to be with my good/old friends. They can sometimes be painstakingly annoying and cruelly honest but that's what I like about them.

I like being with them. 

and again.. 

I love honest people! 


Perfectly Banal

Lately I've been digging William Eggleston's works



Good ideas sometimes looks bad but when you think about it,
 you might as well want to try it... 



I don't what's up with me this past few days. Having a hard time going out for a walk. All I do is watch youtube videos, read Vagabond, read things about photography, eat, and sleep then repeat. Well I sleep a lot... maybe that's the main reason behind it. I don't know... maybe it's something else?  

I missed a lot of photo opportunity... sigh...